Electronic Cigarette Reviews & Smoke Juice Reviews: VaporX Classic Tobacco

Electronic Cigarette Reviews and Smoke Juice Reviews – Classic Tobacco Flavor by VaporX.

Finding the right electronic cigarette and smoke juice combination is more of an art than a science. We hope our electronic cigarette reviews and smoke juice reviews help you find the ideal electronic cigarette solution. We recently tried a new smoke juice by VaporX. In our review the Classic Tobacco flavored e-cigarette smoke juice produced by VaporX is a nicely flavored vapor with a traditional tobacco taste.

This e-cigarette smoke juice is made by VaporX however it does not provide ingredient or other details about its manufacturing process and  chemical components. According to the VaporX website the Formula 51 Smoke Juice contains mostly water and trace elements of Proplyene Glycol and Nicotine (See for more information about the VaporX personal vaporizers, smoke juices and vapors.

Like most Propylene Glycol smoke juices we found this recipe to offer a nice throat hit, good flavor and a good amount of vapor with each pull. Simply put it tastes and feels like a real cigarette with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

The price for this vapor is listed at $14.99 per 10 ml bottle on the VaporX website. Compared to other smoke juice blends on the market we feel this price is on the high side. We have recently seen high quality, US made organic smoke juice available for a more reasonable price. Look for future electronic cigarette reviews and smoke juice reviews in the near future.

Overall if you are new to vaping and the e-cigarette experience you may find the VaporX Formula 51 Classic Tobacco Flavor smoke juice to be a nice starting point. It is a great smoke juice for those transitioning to e-cigarettes from traditional cigarettes. We do feel that smoke juice manufacturers and distributors should provide clear, up-front ingredient information to electronic cigarette consumers. Our primary disappointment with the VaporX Formula 51 Smoke Juice is the lack of clear ingredient information.

Have you recently tried the VaporX Formula 51 Smoke Juice? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Are there specific electronic cigarette reviews or smoke juice reviews you would like to see here? Please let us know through our online comments below.

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