Blu Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

(New) Blu Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review

We hope our review of the  blu electronic cigarette and smoke juice  helps you find the ideal electronic cigarette solution. Part of our ongoing electronic cigarette reviews includes Blu E-Cigarettes ( and several of their available flavors.

In this review we will focus on the Blu Electronic Cigarette starter package. Blu does offer disposable e-cigarettes; our review is focused on the Blu rechargeable starter kit. Future electronic cigarette reviews on our site will discuss some of the available flavors for the Blu E-Cigarette system.

Blu E-Cigarettes are a convenient, cost-effective electronic cigarette option and they are among the most well advertised and branded in the e-cigarette industry. Largely responsible for the ongoing boom in electronic smoking the Blu E-Cigarette brand is available in most convenience stores, gas stations and major retailers.

The price for the Blu E-Cigarette starter kit is anywhere from $19.99-$29.99 depending on the retailer. This includes two batteries, USB charger and a starter smoke juice kit containing 5 cartomizers.  We feel the price is very fair and competitive with other electronic cigarette starter kits. The main drawback to the Blu E-Cigarette system is what appears to the a smaller battery and the need for ongoing replacement cartomizers pre-filled with smoke juice. From a cost perspective the ongoing use of Blu E-Cigarettes is more expensive than some of the other available options (look for future electronic cigarette reviews about more affordable options here).

After opening our Blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit and charging it for several hours we gave it a try. We will discuss the actual flavor quality in future electronic cigarette reviews and smoke juice reviews. Here we will focus on the quality of the device. We found it to produce a nice quality vapor with good flavor but it is short lived. This may be due to a smaller battery than many other electronic cigarette options on the market. We also noticed that each battery has a short life. On the plus side the batteries do charge quickly and the Blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit includes 2 batteries with a carrying case that will recharge your batteries on the go. It seems Blu may be aware of the short battery life problem.

Blu Electronic Cigarettes rank very highly with us in terms of convenience, price and availability. They are great for anyone that is on the go and needs an e-smoking solution that is available nearly everywhere. Taste is good but as noted it is short lived with each cartomizer. If you are just getting started with electronic cigarettes you may find Blu to be an affordable option for testing out the technology.

Have you recently tried the Blu E-Cigarette Starter Kit? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Are there specific electronic cigarette reviews or smoke juice reviews you would like to see here? Please let us know through our online comments below.

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